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How to make any day feel like Friday

The Friday feeling is for many, one of the most if not the most wonderful feelings of the working week. The day goes faster, everyone seems happier and most of all the weekend is the next day.

Such is the way the week is structured and the very nature of the working week that everyday can’t have the weekend the next day; however, there is no reason for your working days to not feel like Friday in every other way. With the following tips, recommendations and ideas, you very well could end up giving Monday to Thursday that Friday feeling and making your time at work that much more worthwhile.

Reduce next morning stress

One of the sure ways to help make your day goes well is to ensure it actually starts off well as it is far harder to have a great day if it starts off the wrong way. Whether you are running late, haven’t eaten a sufficient breakfast or weren’t able to find the right clothes, there are countless ways you can make your morning far more stressful than it has to be. For this reason, it only makes sense to try do what you can the night before, including: Laying out your clothing for the following day, preparing your bag with your computer or whatever else you need to bring and either preparing or at least setting out your breakfast for the following morning. Doing this helps ensure that your workday morning will not only be easier and less stressful but it also requires less time meaning more time to sleep or exercise before you head to work. In other words, more Friday feeling!

Make commuting more enjoyable

One of the more dreaded parts of every work day is commuting to and from the office. Whether you drive or take public transportation, it can often feel like a real burden. If you can take some of the pain out of commuting, you are automatically making a big difference to your overall enjoyment and bringing yourself that much closer to the Friday feeling. There are a number of ways of doing this but the following two will have the biggest impact straight away. Firstly, consider listening to catchy and interesting audiobooks or podcasts. Listening to a book can be as rewarding as reading one, meaning you are as likely to get hooked and excited to find out what happens next. You may very well start looking forward to your next commute for that very reason. Secondly, if traffic is a big problem on your commute, speak to your manager and see if it is possible if you start earlier/finish earlier in order to try miss the build-up. Having a shorter commute is bound to enhance your workday enjoyment. 

Enhance your work day

With the start and commute of the working day improved, the other big area that needs to be considered is your time actually in the workplace. The following are just some of the few of many different ways to help make your working day more enjoyable:

  • Make an effort to take breaks throughout the day as not only 
  • will it help relax you but it also allows you to 
  • be more focused and productive when you are working.
  • Start stretching and sitting comfortably to avoid sitting and other work-related pains. 
  • If you are comfortable your day is bound to be more pleasant. If your workplace allows for it, consider decorating your workspace with anything that makes you happy and makes you laugh. It is important to stay positive!

By bringing the Friday feeling to the rest of the working week, you are not only making your time at work more enjoyable but you are benefiting yourself in the process. There are countless different ways of doing this, see what works for you and give it a go, it can only make you happy.

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