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Boost your staff satisfaction with a free coffee machine

Workplaces look a little different today than they did even a year ago. The one thing that never changes? Staff on the hunt for coffee - and not just any cup - but an exceptional coffee you don’t have to leave the building for. As industries across the board look to engage and retain employees, a free coffee machine might be just the thing to show your workforce they matter.

Many coffee roasters and local distributors offer free coffee machine programs for the workplace. It can help with setup costs and take the guesswork out of which machine to buy - but it’s important to understand the options and choose a partner with a proven track record.

What does ‘free on loan’ mean?

Free on loan is one way you can secure an office coffee machine from a coffee supplier like Lavazza.

The coffee roaster or distributor loans you an office-friendly coffee machine, you buy your beans or capsules from them, and the machine costs are included in the cost of the coffee. Some suppliers also take care of machine maintenance and repairs, so you can take equipment hassles off your to-do list.

What’s in it for coffee suppliers? They get to support your business by offering convenient and cost-effective coffee in the office and, if you choose wisely, you get to enjoy authentic Italian coffee that will have you thinking you’ve gone to a cafe.

5 key questions to ask about a free coffee machine offer

  1. How long is the contract length?
    Most supplier contracts last for between 24-36 months.

  2. How flexible is the contract?
    Know your rights and your responsibilities if you need to change or cancel the agreement.

  3. How much coffee are you committing to buy each month?
    Do the maths so you don’t create a stockpile of coffee you can’t use.

  4. How’s the coffee?
    All the free machines in the world won’t boost employee morale if no one drinks the coffee so always seek out quality.

  5. Will you get customer service support and training?
    Even with the best machine in the world, there can be hiccups along the way. Great customer service support is essential - and be on the lookout for a supplier offering prompt and efficient technical support.

Is there a catch to a free coffee machine?

For most workplaces? No. But like any agreement, read the details to make sure it’s the right fit for your business.

A key element to consider is coffee price. The machine itself may be free, but you may pay a slightly higher price for your coffee than if you owned the office machine. But with no money upfront, all you need to do is buy your beans or pods and plug in the machine!

It’s time for some risk assessment: calculate the total price over the length of the contract to see if you’re saving money by using a Free on Loan program.

Your free coffee machine from Lavazza

To get your office coffee hub up and running, we offer partnerships tailored for your workplace.

With an extensive range of coffee machines from capsule, to vending and bean to cup we have something for every workplace need. With tailor made options to suit your business needs across free on loan, rental, purchase and rent to buy.

Before you decide

Each supplier will have their own partnership agreement that covers terms, conditions, and potential hidden costs. Carefully consider the agreement, the needs of your staff, and the space you have to work with before you decide if a Free on Loan machine is the right fit.

Coffee is just one of the ways you can boost employee engagement, productivity and connection in your post-pandemic workplace. Learn more about managing the pandemic impacts on your workplace in our ebook.

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