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Choosing Between Capsule and Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for Business

If how we take our coffee is a deeply ingrained element of our personal branding, it could be said that how we serve it to our employees is a hot take on the brand personality of our business.  

Given the number of options available, the challenge in working out what will ultimately be the best possible coffee machine for a business, lies in choosing one that delivers a clean sweep across key decision-making criteria.

But First Coffee

You know you can’t transition from night to networking without it, but did you know coffee got its big break centuries ago, from an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi? He noticed his goats were so energetic after eating the berries that they couldn’t get to sleep - and that was the very beginning of their journey through time to your office benchtop. 

Speaking of benchtops, this is one of the factors that will be critical when deciding on a coffee machine for your business. The space available is an important consideration, along with how many employees you have, the types of coffee they want and, of course, your budget constraints. Let’s have a look at the different options available to you:

From Bean To Cup

Getting a bean to cup coffee machine for your business means you’ll be providing your employees with top tier coffee, right up there with what they’d otherwise stand in line for at their favourite hole in the wall. It may come at an initial cost though, with some bean to cup coffee machines requiring a substantial investment up front. However rental options and a notably cheaper cost per cup can potentially mean a sweeter deal.

Bean to cup coffee machines are simple - add beans, grind, pour and serve as desired. Meaning every type of coffee is possible, from the classic cappuccino to the espresso, mocha, macchiato, latte, flat white, long black, and beyond. 

Bean to cup machines deliver the freshest possible coffee experience, with beans freshly ground for each individual cup, and they do so at minimal cost. They're great for the environment too, not just for the lack of waste, but because the waste they do produce (used coffee grounds) is packed with healthy nitrogen that’s great for plants. Well worth considering in an era when sustainability and corporate social responsibility naturally factor into every strategic business decision and purchase. 

Capsule Coffee Machines

There’s much to be said for simply inserting a capsule, closing a lid, hitting a button and producing a perfect cup every time. A winning formula that comes in an affordable, compact package, making it accessible to businesses of all trades and sizes. Choose your supplier carefully, because capsule coffee machines require long term brand loyalty - and get set for enjoyable coffee, it’s that simple. 

Purists will question the freshness of coffee that’s prepackaged, but innovative packaging means this a worry left in the past. Combine this with minimal day to day maintenance and seriously simple coffee-making and you’ve got a solution to make everyone in the office happy.

They’re also an increasingly popular upgrade for coffee lovers at home, making for a smooth transition when employees need their quick fix in the workplace. If capsule coffee appeals but sustainability is a concern, opt for a supplier like Lavazza who can recycle capsules through a program like Terracycle, helping to keep you aligned with sustainability and corporate social responsibility policies.

What Would You Like To Order?

Knowing your team as you do, from the number of staff to the number of different personalities and coffee requirements, it’s now time to decide on the type of coffee you’ll be providing for them in-house.

The good news is, there’s no wrong answer: in 2021 coffee machines for business are high end, with advanced features, and the joy of coffee at the heart of the design.

A delicious coffee is so much more than a caffeinated beverage. It’s a chance for connection in the workplace. Find out how Australian office managers are using coffee and more to reconnect in their offices after a turbulent start to the 2020s.

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