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Create workplaces of the future with these 10 tips

What does the workplace of the future look like? As we emerge from the pandemic, how do organisations entice employees back into the office?

The workplace of the future blends office and remote work. The office remains an important social hub – a space to experience community and collaborate with peers. In 2021, it also represents our readiness to re-enter public spaces.

Workplaces of the future provide safe and welcoming spaces for fostering connection, offering meaningful incentives to boost employee engagement and productivity. We have collated 10 ideas which could help entice employees back to the office:

1. Team building activities

Organise fun and engaging activities like team drinks, dinner, trivia, bowling, wellness workshops etc. Get to know what type of activities people are actually interested in to increase participation and boost camaraderie.

2. Friday lunch (or beers)

Start a weekly tradition of communal meals, catered lunches, or Friday drinks. This could become a social gathering that employees look forward to.

3. Group exercise

Take a holistic approach to staff wellbeing and offer free weekly exercise classes. Gauge interest by having employees choose between different options (e.g., HIIT, yoga, pilates, meditation).

4. A great coffee machine

Whether it be a cuppa in the morning, afternoon or after work... catching up over a coffee is quintessential to Australian culture. The lure of good coffee cannot be understated, and a high quality office coffee machine will be a welcome addition to your workplace, providing a low-maintenance and sustainable solution for all-round satisfaction.

5. Yummy snacks

For ultimate convenience, ensure your office pantry is abundantly stocked with delicious and healthy snacks to combat those mid-morning and mid-afternoon munchies.

6. Rotating playlists

Get everyone involved in creating a dynamic playlist for the office. Create a music roster where each team takes turns to create playlists for the week.

7. Bring your dog to work

Who says working in the office means spending less time with your pets? Having a pet-friendly office means that employees won’t have to choose between the two. Having a doggo or two around would also create a warmer and friendlier environment!

8. Parking availability

Alleviate the pain of long commutes, full car parks and exorbitant fees. Offer staff parking on a first-come-first-served basis; allow them to book in advance; or create a roster for those driving in and allocate accordingly.

9. Ergonomic workstations

Working from home may be cosy, but many people don’t have the right workstations for long hours of work, resulting in backaches and sore necks. Equip your office with ergonomic chairs and standing desks to make working a comfortable (and painless) experience.

10. Break out areas 

Have designated rest areas where employees can take a break from work. To create an office that they want to spend time in, give your staff personal space to take a breath, pause, and switch off.

In workplaces of the future, interpersonal connection is key. Catching up over a coffee is a daily routine that most Australians can’t wait to get back to. Regardless of the size of your company, start enticing employees back into the office with a Lavazza coffee machine, offering them essential social experiences they’ve missed while working from home.

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