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The benefits of coffee training

A hospital is a busy, high-paced environment. There are lots of different people from all walks of life - health professionals in high-pressure jobs, working long shifts, visitors and the patients themselves, all mixing in what can be a highly stressful environment.

Just like the vast range of people at a hospital, so is the need for a broad range of coffee occasions. From staff rooms to vending machines to barista run cafes - coffee plays a key role in the hospital. And with such a crucial role, comes a responsibility to create a great hospital coffee experience.

It's more than 'just' coffee

A cup of coffee or a coffee break is more than the sum of its parts. It's not just about the coffee, it's about what the coffee imparts - whether that's the ability to step away from an emotional situation for a moment or to facilitate a fraught discussion between two parties. 

We understand that coffee isn't just coffee, and that's why our training is more than just teaching someone to make a nice-tasting drink. That's why when we train baristas, we teach them about the complete experience, we teach them to create a moment of bliss or opportunity to step away from responsibility - even if it is just for a few minutes. For Lavazza, coffee is about pleasure and enjoyment, and so our training reflects this. 

The Lavazza training difference

SCA accredited

The Australian Lavazza Training Centre in Melbourne is a Premier Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) Campus and our local Lavazza Training Team are all Authorised SCA Trainers.

We offer a range of SCA training programs suited to your hospital's requirements, including:

  • Introduction to coffee
  • Barista Skills - Foundations
  • Barista Skills - Intermediate
  • Barista Skills - Professional

Each module supports staff development with an internationally accredited professional curriculum that contributes toward earning an SCA coffee skills diploma. For every module completed, participants will receive an SCA certificate.

Our 3-tiered training solution

Our training solution covers all skill levels:

  • Basic: espresso preparation and milk
  • Intermediate: Grinder troubleshooting and essential maintenance
  • Advanced: Experience cupping coffee the Brazilian way and deepen your knowledge of green coffee.

We want to support growing your team's coffee knowledge and expertise.

Online – Learning Management System

Other than face-to-face training, we have recently introduced an online training solution for teams to learn remotely. The online learning management system (LMS) is perfect for staff in high-paced environments like hospitals where face-to-face training for the whole team may not be possible. 

Our learning modules are called ‘Lavazza Barista Gold Standards’. They include videos, quizzes and downloadable resources covering the topics of espresso, milk, quality & cleaning. This is available from anywhere and anytime with the login details provided by our training team. 

Our online learning program is being rolled out to our customers across Australia. 

Explore healthcare and hospital coffee solutions for your facility.


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