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The must-have features of your office coffee machine

Australians love a coffee, the wake-me-up for our taste buds and the motivational boost we feel after a good cup.

So, when you are thinking about getting a new office coffee machine, it’s important to take account of their key features to deliver those benefits. You want to keep everyone at the office happy and deliver good coffee with enough variety to please all the staff.

In general, it’s about deciding what type of coffee you want to make first, then finding an office coffee machine that will achieve that result.

In this article, we look at the must-have features you should consider for your next office coffee machine.


Coffee machines that use capsules provide an excellent cup of coffee quickly, are easy to clean and can be independent of a plumbed water source. Another benefit is the wide coffee choice available to please a range of coffee aficionados.

Some capsule machines also allow you to make non-coffee drinks like tea or hot chocolate.

Manufacturers make capsules that suit particular machines, meaning the issue of compatibility is an important one. 

A number of common capsules contain 7.5g of coffee. For those who like a stronger coffee, Lavazza produces double shot coffee capsules containing 11g of delicious goodness.

Capsule machines are a great all-around choice for convenience and simplicity.

Bean to cup

Bean to cup simply means you pour coffee beans into the machine and it grinds them for you (unlike a commercial machine which requires a separate grinder). These automatic marvels can produce excellent coffees with rich flavours because the ground coffee is so fresh.

Some coffee manufacturers, like Lavazza, create beans specially crafted for automatic bean to cup machines. The unique characteristics of these blends are preserved until the moment they are brewed. Automatic coffee machines offer varying degrees of automation and some can also froth milk and clean themselves.

If you’re out to please coffee connoisseurs, this is a great option.

Other hot drinks

Do you have some people who prefer tea, chai or hot chocolate? Machines do vary in their ability to make other drinks, so bear this feature in mind when you are thinking of must-have features for your office coffee machine. Some machines have a hot water spout that works perfectly with tea bags. Lavazza can supply a full range of other consumables with your coffee, including hot chocolate capsules and Twinings tea, without the need for separate suppliers.  


Milk is an important consideration for coffee drinkers. 

Some automatic machines will automatically steam or foam milk. Some capsule machines will as well, while others require a standalone milk frother.  Larger workplaces will benefit from an office coffee machine that makes adding milk a breeze, while smaller offices might be happy with a more hands-on process.

While fresh milk is an obvious choice, powdered milk can still deliver good coffee and has benefits, including longer shelf life, no need for cold storage and reduced cleaning requirements. Consider this option if you need a robust, low maintenance coffee solution. 

Built-in water tank

A workplace that needs a high volume of coffee benefits from having an office coffee machine that is plumbed to provide a constant water supply.

For smaller offices with lower coffee volumes and/or with restricted abilities to permanently plumb to a coffee machine (e.g. your lease doesn’t allow this), there are many options of machines that provide a built-in water tank. These are usually designed for easy removal and filling under a tap.

Manual and Commercial machines

Both manual and higher capacity commercial machines can deliver brilliant coffee. They also require more skill and know-how, and more cleaning than automatic and capsule machines. If your staff are amateur baristas, they may welcome a chance to make professional-grade coffee. However, if the extra time and effort involved are not warranted, this choice may not be for you.

Your next steps

Make a list of the important factors that will affect your choice of office coffee machine, including:

  • taste
  • convenience
  • flexibility
  • volume
  • value
  • space

Make sure you also check in with your staff to get their opinions and feedback. Once you’ve got your requirements, match them with the features above. Next, create a shortlist of suppliers who can meet your needs and reach out for further information. 

Office managers have been critical to businesses navigating through uncertain times, from logistical or emotional support to ensuring staff can enjoy a good cup of coffee on returning to the office. But the world has changed, as has the office. So what’s next for the role of the office manager?

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