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Your checklist for finding the perfect coffee machine for your offices

Coffee in the office is no longer a luxury - it’s an expectation and provides a wealth of benefits in the workplace. With three in four Australians enjoying at least one cup of coffee per day, it is a great way to increase productivity, morale, and happiness in the office. But how do you know if you’re choosing the right solution for your workspace? We’ve put together a comprehensive checklist to help you identify and select the best coffee machines for offices

Coffee machines for offices checklist

1. Bean-to-cup vs. capsules

With so many machines boasting a premium, high-quality cup, it can be difficult to decide on the best solution. Ultimately, the type of machine you choose will come down to the size and busyness of your office. We offer two unique machine designs suitable for both large and small offices: bean-to-cup and capsule machines.

Bean-to-cup machines use fresh coffee beans to create a wide selection of beverages. These machines are ideal for busy offices that require a consistent range of barista-style coffee at the press of a button. These machines can typically be used by staff without the need for professional training.

In contrast, capsule machines use disposable pods of ground coffee to create one cup of coffee at a time. Ideal for smaller or quieter offices, these machines heat and force water through the pod, releasing the flavour from the pod into the cup. Capsules keep coffee fresh for longer, as the airtight pods protect the coffee from oxygen and light, which can quickly degrade its quality. Capsules are also available in a variety of blends and flavours to suit all palettes.

2. Water tank vs. plumbed

Much like the quality of your beans, your water quality will have a significant impact on the final taste of your beverages. Most solutions will give you a choice between a water tank or plumbing, both with unique advantages and disadvantages. Fundamentally, your choice should be based on the busyness of your office, and whether someone will be on-hand to manage the machine.

  • Water tank: A machine with a water tank requires someone to provide regular water refills to keep the coffee flowing.
  • Plumbed: A plumbed machine does not require refills, and therefore does not require someone to monitor the water level.  However, it’s worth noting that setting up a plumbed machine may require an additional upfront cost for the installation of the necessary plumbing.

3. Capacity

Most commercial coffee machines feature capacity ratings that determine how many beverages you should brew through the machine daily. If you manage a busy office, you will likely need a machine with a higher capacity. If your machine is pushed too hard, you will likely experience mechanical problems, resulting in inconsistent, poor-quality coffee. 

4. User-friendliness

Ever tried to create coffee on a new machine and felt instantly overwhelmed? You’re not alone! Different machines have different features, which is why it’s important to choose a machine that you and your team feel confident in using. If you intend for staff to use the machine day-to-day, it might make sense to select an automatic office coffee machine.

5. Types of milk

Just as important as your choice of coffee beans is the type of milk you add to your beverages. The key here is to choose the option that makes sense for your business: 

  • Fresh milk: Fresh milk is ideal for machines that are regularly cleaned and maintained. If you don’t clean your machine regularly, it can easily clog with milk residue and become a health hazard.
  • Granulated/powdered milk: Often known as ‘powdered milk’, granulated milk is fresh milk that has been freeze-dried into granules. Granulated milk offers the same great taste as fresh milk without the hassle – it still requires regular cleaning but generally less than that of fresh milk machines.

6. Cleaning requirements

To keep your office coffee machine functioning at its best, it’s important to keep a regular cleaning schedule. Machine cleanliness is an extra task for staff members, so it’s important to select a machine that offers a quick and simple cleaning program. When choosing a machine, consider:

  • How much time and effort is needed to keep the machine clean?
  • Who in the office will be responsible for keeping the machine clean?
  • How confident am I with the machine and my ability to care for it?

7. Maintenance and support

Coffee machines require regular maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. The better care you take of your machine, the longer it will last. Ensure you regularly clean your machine, and get technical support if anything does go wrong.

How Lavazza checks all the boxes

Lavazza has been producing coffee for more than 120 years. The company has become an internationally-recognised brand, found everywhere from cafes to luxury hotels. Lavazza’s prominence in Australia as a high-quality, best-in-class provider makes us the popular choice for thousands of businesses needing coffee machines for their offices.

Incorporating a coffee machine is just one of the ways to build a lively workplace where people can spend productive time, happily. Want to know more about building a productive, enticing and engaging workplace in 2023? Learn how to create your Destination Workplace.

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