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Your guide to sourcing the best restaurant coffee machine

Whether your restaurant is currently known for its exceptional coffee or not, being able to produce a consistent and high-quality cup of coffee is a key part of providing a full dining experience. Different people drink coffee at different hours, and for many, coffee is an essential part of dining. That said, with so many machines on the market, what do you need to consider when sourcing a restaurant coffee machine?

Automatic vs semi-automatic vs capsule coffee machines

When purchasing a machine for your business, your unique needs must be front of mind. What you and your staff need from the machine should guide the type of restaurant coffee machine you buy.  

For example, a traditional espresso machine could be the way to go for a venue with a medium to high coffee output and a trained barista on hand at all times. A venue with lower demand for coffee could opt for a capsule coffee machine that doesn’t require a barista at all times. 

Alternatively, an automatic bean to cup machine can suit businesses with low or high coffee outputs who do not have trained baristas on staff. 


Perhaps the most important thing to consider when you are sourcing a coffee machine is just how much coffee your machine will need to produce. Will you need to face the morning rush, or are you more likely to make a consistent amount of coffee throughout the day? If your business is a bar, do you need to make quick coffees for espresso martinis or Irish Coffee throughout the evening? Make sure you consider every coffee you might need to make before purchasing.  


Different venues require coffee for different situations, calling for different coffee equipment solutions. Some machines need constant attention from a trained barista, while others are easier for lesser trained staff to operate throughout business hours. Fit the machine to who is making the coffee. 


A quality grinder must accompany your coffee machine to achieve the best in-cup quality. It is a good idea to consider whether you will need to buy a separate grinder to pair with a semi-automatic machine. If the machine is designed for lower volume, it may already be fitted with an internal grinder, or if it is a capsule machine, there is no need for a grinder.

Water & power supply

Do you need the machine to be plumbed in? Or if your coffee volume is low, perhaps the machine’s internal water tank will be sufficient? Consider that most machines can use a standard 10amp (normal) plug, however, some machines suitable for higher volume may require a power upgrade.


As a business owner, you will already know that having a certain look is a big part of the hospitality industry. Choosing a restaurant coffee machine that seamlessly slips into your decor and suits the feel of your restaurant is a must. 

Cleaning and maintenance

Again, your business context is everything. While all restaurant coffee machines need upkeep, some take longer to clean and require more maintenance than others. When buying a coffee machine for your business, keep in mind that daily cleaning is mandatory regardless of the volume of coffee made. Some machines develop problems due to overuse and some to underuse.

Once you know what kind of coffee solution you need, check out the Lavazza range, which offers a machine for all business types and budgets, ensuring you will find what you need to make great coffee a part of your restaurant.

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