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Your guide to choosing a commercial capsule coffee machine

Choosing a commercial capsule or pod coffee machine doesn’t need to be a difficult task and you don’t need to be a coffee expert to evaluate your options.  To help, our buying guide will cover the common questions and considerations that arise when selecting a commercial capsule coffee machine to meet your needs. Let’s get into it.

Why choose a capsule machine?

Commercial capsule machines can be a perfect alternative when a traditional espresso style machine is not suitable. You can still create high quality coffee but without a lot of the hassles that a traditional set up might bring: 

  • No barista skills required: The Lavazza Blue capsule system means that you do not need to know how to grind, dose, tamp or store fresh coffee beans. 
  • Small footprint: Commercial capsule machines are generally smaller than their traditional counterparts and you don't require extra space for a coffee grinder!
  • Power and water: Technology means that some commercial capsule machines can run off standard 10amp power and have built in water tanks, meaning you save the expense of having these services installed. 
  • Various capsules blends/flavours: With a vast range of capsules you can select different blends suited to different preparations. Some Lavazza Blue capsules are designed for straight espresso whilst others are best enjoyed with milk. 
  • Easy stock management: With capsules, you know exactly how many coffees you can make with each box and because they are vacuum sealed they have a long shelf life. 

Beans vs capsules - what’s the difference?

You may be surprised to discover that most capsules contain nothing more than ground coffee beans! Aside from the coffee itself, there are a few main differences between capsules or pods and coffee beans: 

  • Ready to use: You don’t need to worry about grinding, dosing, or tamping with coffee capsules. All of the hard work is done for you, you simply need to place the capsule into the coffee machine!
  • Knowing how much coffee to dose and how to grind is a real skill that can take time to perfect, these skills are not needed with capsules. 
  • Capsules are single-dosed and protected from oxygen, this means they stay fresh for a really long time, even after you open the box.

Cleaning and maintenance

If your coffee machine is dirty, your coffee is not going to taste its best! Commercial capsule coffee machines are pretty straight forward to keep clean, ensuring your coffee is at its best. 

Even if you go with an automatic milk commercial capsule coffee machine the cleaning process is quick and straight forward. No special skills required!


It is still possible to meet your CSR goals with capsules.

If you need help finding the perfect commercial coffee machine solution to suit your needs, our complete range of equipment can be found here or you can always get in touch with us to discuss your needs on our contact page.

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