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Saluministi was born from co-owners Peter and Frank’s shared love for salami. From serving panini at the Melbourne Salami Festival to...

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Saluminisiti Coffee Bar


Saluministi was born from co-owners Peter and Frank’s shared love of creating traditional Italian food, a passion for paying homage to the duo's shared heritage and, of course, their award winning salami!

From humble beginnings serving panini at the Melbourne Salami Festival, the Saluministi brand has now expanded with two locations, Flinders Lane and Docklands in Melbourne, a successful catering arm of the business, and a new focus on retail after a pandemic-pivot.

Above all, the Saluministi team have always focussed on doing what they love. And their customers love them for it.

Saluminisiti panini

The problem/challenge

Saluministi serves up many of their nostalgic Italian recipes & memories’ in their panini. Frank and Peter grew up with, and pairing their food with, traditional Italian style coffee. Peter’s love for Lavazza began at the iconic ‘Lygon Food Store’ when he was a young man, and it has continued until today. Many years of hospitality experience later, Peter says that bringing Lavazza on board at Saluministi’s founding was a ‘no brainer’.

“It was always going to be Lavazza,” he explains. “It's a brand I associate with personally, my business, my family - we always have it at home - I’m never going to put any other coffee in our machine. I love what the Lavazza brand represents.”

But it’s not just about working with a premium global brand that aligns perfectly with the Saluministi brand, it’s also about a coffee-to-food pairing that makes perfect sense.

The Result

Peter says one of the highlights of working with Lavazza was the three years Saluministi activated the Lavazza brand at the Carlton Italian Festival.

“Seeing our co-branded Lavazza cups flowing through the whole courtyard of 30,000+ people... I think we did the Lavazza brand proud and they did us proud in the sense that they trusted us to do it for three years in a row,” explains Peter.

Something else Peter is proud of is the way Saluministi has stuck to their roots when it comes to their food and their coffee, especially in the competitive Melbourne coffee scene.

“I think that's quite special because lots of people try to reinvent themselves and keep up with the trends, but we've done nothing but hold our heritage close to our heart and shared it with all our customers,” says Peter.

“And they absolutely love it.”


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