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Office productivity hacks for your coffee machine

Coffee at work is a sacred daily ritual for many of us. It’s the magic potion to support an early start to the working day and that’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a brilliant cup. In today’s post, we’re going to take your esteemed ritual to the next level with some innovative office productivity hacks for your coffee machine.

Use good quality coffee

Australians are famously partial to a really good coffee. That’s why picking a high-quality coffee product will help ensure that you have the best in-office coffee around town, and your colleagues  will thank you profusely for it. A good cup of coffee can have many positive effects on workplaces such as increased employee productivity and boosting morale.

Drink from the right cup 

The right coffee should be accompanied by its counterpart - the right cup! Many staff members have that one favourite mug to drink from and there are certain types of coffee that should be paired with the right mug. The colour and material of your mug can even affect how you perceive the coffee flavour as the greater the contrast between the colour of the coffee and the mug, the more bitter it is perceived to be. 

Buy in bulk 

Coffee is highly sought after in office environments and buying bag-by-bag may result in it running out rapidly. Purchasing in bulk will mean less time spent on inventory and regular reorders while ensuring a plentiful supply of coffee for your office. This means everyone can focus more on their work without cause for fretting over shortages in the coffee supply.

Get storage right and keep your coffee fresh

Bad coffee is as good as no coffee. So, it's important to keep your coffee fresh by storing it correctly and labelling it with timestamps to know how long the coffee has been opened. As soon as you open a bag of coffee beans, they start to oxidize and lose flavour. Once you open a bag of beans you should store it in an airtight container in a dark and cool cupboard and use it as soon as possible.

Capsules on the other hand have their own protective airtight packaging meaning they have a long shelf life and remain fresh for an extended time. 

Start a cleaning roster

No one wants a coffee made from dirty coffee equipment. Your office coffee machine should receive some regular cleaning to ensure it remains in peak condition so it can keep pumping out fresh espresso for everyone. A cleaning roster could be a really productive office hack by ensuring all members pitch in equally to clean the equipment. While this is really beneficial for your office coffee machine, it’s also a cooperative exercise that encourages a sense of teamwork among staff. 

Choose the right coffee machine

A good office coffee machine can make work-life much simpler. You can press a few buttons and have a  premium coffee within minutes. This serves as a great case of minimum input for maximum output with a delicious coffee at the end of it. And whether the machine has a capsule or bean to cup system, you can choose equipment that caters to all coffee-drinking palettes and preferences, from a long-black to a frothy cappuccino. A top-notch coffee machine will also be looked upon favourably by guests or clients coming into your office. 

Coffee can help transform your working day from good to great. Office coffee machines that brew the best help teams be their best. That’s why employing office productivity hacks when using your workplace coffee machine makes for a truly happier and motivated workforce. Want to learn more about how coffee can help power your workplace and heighten productivity levels? Download Lavazza’s e-book for office managers for helpful tips.

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