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The Power of Storytelling in Food Service - Celebrating community and the Sustainable Future of Coffee through Art

The power of local community connection has never been more important and one of the key learnings in the Food Service channel in 2020 was how important it is to build genuine connection. Long-time partners of Lavazza, the Pantry have recently transitioned to the new locally roasted, sustainable coffee blend La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Colombia. Containing coffee from the Lavazza Foundation’s origin projects in the Meta region, where the ¡Tierra! projects support 100 local farming families to restore their plantations, improve coffee quality and create sustainable working conditions. To celebrate this, The Pantry & Lavazza have commissioned a mural with local artist Georgia Harvey, to help build awareness in the local community about this important project.

 At the Pantry, everybody is somebody and being a part of this initiative that allows our community to support the sustainable future coffee is something truly special
– Guy Mainwaring – The Pantry

The Mural

Painted by local artist Georgia Harvey, the mural inspiration comes from the Tierra Tree of life which, represents the interdependence present in the global coffee community. Symbolising the connection between the coffee growers, the blenders and the local roastery in Melbourne and the of course to the local café, baristas and coffee lovers. Brining this to life at the Pantry through art, tells the story of this coffee, the human impact it has and how it empowers the community to make a difference.


The Blends & the Projects

Made with love in Brighton, blended in Turin and containing coffee from Meta, Colombia. The ¡Tierra! project is Lavazza’s sustainability initiative developed to improve the social and environmental conditions and production techniques of coffee producing communities around the world. ¡Tierra! blends contain coffee from territories and communities involved in Lavazza Foundation’s sustainability projects. Aligned to the UN sustainable development goals, the local food service team are proud to support this work through our range of coffee. The Pantry has chosen the 100% Arabic blend - La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Colombia.

Tierra Pantry

The Local Community: The power of storytelling to spread the word about sustainability

The Pantry have been serving their local community for over 28 years. Offering a locally roasted blend that is also ethical and sustainable helps ensures they can continue to stay relevant as the heart and soul of the area. Offering La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Colombia at The Pantry, we’re actively supporting the sustainable future of coffee without compromising on flavour and quality.

Pantry Lavazza Mural 2021

Looking to the future: Amplifying the story of a Sustainable Global Coffee Community through Art

A sustainable coffee industry is vital – there is no other option. This is why La Reserva de ¡Tierra! Colombia and the Lavazza Foundation are actively working to safeguard the future of coffee and the sustainability of the Colombian coffee economy, with a special focus also on training programs for coffee producers.

Learn more about La Reserva de ¡Tierra! 


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