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Top 4 office coffee trends for 2022

Australians love coffee, so it's no surprise we drink a lot of it at work. But gone are the days of a kettle and jar of instant coffee in the office kitchen, expectations have evolved, and the coffee we drink at work has changed. 

So, let's discover what's hot (or cold as the case may be) in office coffee this year - impress clients, employees and peers alike with these office coffee trends.

Sustainable options

Sustainability is on the radar in Australia - 75% of Australians are concerned about climate change. And the workplace is no different, from more recycling options to green office building certifications to the choice of office coffee - people care. 

Employees want to know where their coffee comes from and how ethically, environmentally and socially conscious the supplier is. They want to know where the coffee they drink in the office comes from, how it's farmed, how it's harvested and if the growers are paid a suitable price.

Sustainability isn't new for Lavazza; in fact, we were globally recognised for our commitment to sustainability in the 2019 Forbes Global Reputation Index. And the Giuseppe e Pericles Lavazza Onlus Foundation was founded in 2004 to promote and implement economic, social and environmental sustainability projects and support coffee-producing communities around the world.

Going further back, Lavazza ¡TIERRA! emerged in 2002 from a social responsibility project to improve some coffee-producing communities' social and environmental conditions and production techniques. 

Developed in collaboration with the NGO Rainforest Alliance, it is the result of Lavazza's strong commitment to sustainability. Learn more about this sustainable coffee range.

Decaf on the rise

Decaf coffee blends can get a bad rap, but for a true lover of coffee who doesn't want caffeine, decaf is the ultimate beverage. 

Our decaf coffee is made by removing the caffeine from the pre-toasted, green coffee bean. The decaffeinated bean is then treated with processes similar to regular beans - meaning you get all the same deliciousness in your cup! 

Decaf's popularity is rising, with the global market for roasted decaf beans expected to grow by over 7% by 2027. 

This trend is particularly pertinent in the office, as it recognises a broader spectrum of coffee drinkers and that everyone deserves a delicious coffee at the workplace.

Cold coffee 

It might be argued that warm weather fuels this trend, but we think it will outlast the sun and stay strong into the year. Cold coffee - it's refreshing, and you can drink it immediately - what's not to love?

Grab a tall glass, add ice, milk and then a shot or two of espresso. 

It doesn't matter if your espresso comes from a bean to cup machine or a capsule system; just pour it in there. Milk is optional, and plant-based options like almond and oat work well. 

Plant-based milk

Plant-based milk is another growing trend, with many coffee consumers choosing to ditch dairy milk. In fact, 42% of global consumers say that they restrict their consumption of animal-based products, including dairy milk

With so many options on the market now, the discerning coffee drinker is sure to find a milk that suits their taste. Whether it's subtle and neutral oat milk in your morning mug or the nuttier accompaniment of soy milk in your dirty chai when you're feeling a little fancier.

Sharing a delicious cup of coffee together is just one of the ways Australians are reconnecting in the office after a turbulent couple of years in the workplace and the world. Download our ebook to read what some of Australia's most dynamic workplace managers are doing to rebuild company culture and more.

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