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Connecting over coffee: The benefits of premium coffee in aged care

Going for a coffee is the quintessential ‘let’s catch up’ activity and one that truly brings people together. Mothers and their children, first dates, best friends or colleagues — the super power of a cup of coffee is that it encourages us to be more sociable. So, when it comes to aged care coffee benefits, there are many. For example, it can be difficult for new residents to adapt to new surroundings, new neighbours and a new community, so socialising can be tough. Coffee can act as the ice breaker and a perfect middle ground when meeting people for the first time. 


Building community and connection 

What makes coffee such a must in an aged care facility? Well, according to Enabling Confidence at Home CEO David Panter, outside of an aged care facility, “When people have a welcoming meeting location in their neighbourhood, they are more likely to connect with each other, feel part of their community and live more fulfilling lives.” With this in mind, by creating a space within your facility that feels like a welcoming meeting location, residents as a result, are more likely to connect with one another and you’re on your way to helping combat the social isolation suffered by so many. 

And, like we said, a catch-up or community meeting is synonymous with a cup of your favourite coffee. That’s why introducing a regular coffee morning, resident catch-up, book club — you name it! — can really help residents of aged care facilities come out of their shell and start to feel comfortable and fulfilled in their new surroundings. 


Options to suit all tastes and occasions

Sure, you could have a standard silver coffee urn for people to serve themselves from, but if great coffee is some kind of beverage-based superhero with a mission to get people socialising, then the silver coffee urn is kryptonite. 

Great coffee should be a pleasurable experience, not just one of convenience. That’s why we encourage offering a range of coffee options to your aged care residents and community. 

Introducing options like cappuccinos, lattes and espressos will ensure that any coffee mornings or community activities within the facility are well-attended and looked forward to, whether that’s for the delicious coffee, for the buzzing conversation, or both. By offering to serve great coffee you’re helping to strengthen that community feel amongst residents. 

What’s more, unfortunately, some might be reluctant to visit their family in an aged care facility. It can be hard for some to see a once independent person requiring more help and assistance than before or seeing someone struggling with an illness for that matter. Jenny Philipp, program manager for early intervention services at Alzheimer’s Australia Vic, claims, “Often with people having a diagnosis of dementia, they start to withdraw from their social groups or family and friends – or even family and friends can withdraw from them.” 

The same can be true for many people entering aged care facilities, in good health or otherwise. So, by introducing a coffee and tea offering that makes visitors and residents alike feel like they’re visiting an upmarket cafe, it can take away some of the pressure from the visit, helping it feel more like a casual catch-up than a serious check-in. 


More people will drink a recognisable and well-loved brand

Now, it’s all well and good introducing coffee catch-ups to your facility, and even offering different coffee options. But, to really use coffee to reap the benefits of a strong community within your aged care facility - people, first and foremost, have to want to drink it. That’s why ensuring a premium, recognisable brand is a must. 

Australians have come to expect a very high-quality coffee product, and value coffee taste and quality. So, it goes without saying that any coffee on offer in your facility should be synonymous with quality and excellent taste. If that’s the case, then more will drink it and not only that, but they’ll look forward to it. 

When the coffee is good, residents and visitors recognise and trust the brand, and there are different options available, community groups and coffee mornings within your aged care facility are more likely to thrive. As a result, as well as providing top class care for your residents, you’re providing an environment that is actively combating social isolation and encouraging socialisation. 

Looking to improve the community feel of your aged care facility? Check out the options available to you as a health and aged care facility, from the coffee itself, to the best automatic machine to fit your needs. 

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