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Premium healthcare and coffee: The keys to success

In your hospital, your coffee consumers may be at work, or they may be patients or visitors, but that doesn't mean they should have to settle for subpar coffee options. 

In fact, because you run a care facility, it’s likely that you compete with the coffee served by nearby cafes. The old vending machine coffee or instant solutions are unlikely to impress, instead, a really good quality coffee can make all the difference to everyone’s day. 

But why exactly is premium coffee crucial to your healthcare facility?

How does your coffee stack up next to the competition?

The reality of the modern hospital is that your coffee solution is up against stiff competition from chains and independent cafes. These cafes are serving up the latest when it comes to coffee formats and flavours. 

Lacklustre coffee quality and uninspired menu options won't prevent your visitors and staff from stopping off elsewhere on their way to the hospital - endangering an important source of revenue for your hospital. 

On the other hand, a premium range of coffee from a well-known and loved global brand will meet consumer expectations and attract custom within the hospital. 

Is your coffee in brand alignment?

Your hospital has a brand. And it's more than just your logo and the copy written on your website. Rather it encompasses all aspects of your hospital: from your values to your company culture to your choice of coffee supplier, each choice you make reflects your hospital's brand. These selections differentiate you from the competition and communicate what your healthcare facility stands for and what sort of service it provides to your staff, patients and visitors. 

On the other hand, inconsistent and conflicting branding is a huge red flag that people will notice, consciously or subconsciously. For example, choosing a low-quality coffee solution with a mediocre reputation and lacking range will reflect on your brand.

Instead, make choices that reflect the right characteristics: high-quality, premium service and excellence in care. 

Are your employees happy?

They say caffeine and doctors go together like interns and paperwork, so are your doctors and other health professionals satisfied?

Providing quality premium coffee is an easy way to boost staff morale and keep your employees happy in the workplace. Sure, caffeine is in low-quality coffee too, but why would you provide a purely functional experience when you can create a ‘wow moment’ that can help to keep your talent happy throughout the day? 

Discover Lavazza's premium healthcare offering 

Our 360° offer ensures your patients, visitors, and staff enjoy a consistently great coffee every time. Good for your business, good for your people, and the environment.

  • Diverse equipment portfolio to suit all healthcare occasions
  • Sustainable coffee solutions
  • Full technical support and service
  • Extensive coffee range across all flavours and roasting profiles
  • A recognisable and well-loved premium brand

Explore the range.


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