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How coffee can help deliver a premium aged care experience

All aged care services are expected to deliver quality care. However, in premium or luxury aged care facilities, those expectations are brought up to a new level. 

Residents, visitors and even staff expect a combination of world-class facilities, high quality services, and exceptional experiences. As with any premium brand, people are paying for those ‘added extras’ so they can feel comfortable, valued, and cared for. 

In this post, we focus on defining what premium aged care means and why brand alignment is crucial to success. We’ll also highlight how your choice of coffee solution can help deliver the experience expected of a premium brand.


What is premium aged care? 

Traditional ‘hospital-like’ aged care homes are becoming a thing of the past with more aged care facilities offering premium services, including higher standards of accommodation, care, food and entertainment. Let’s go through some of the features and benefits that define premium aged care.


Top tier residences

Premium aged care residents enjoy the highest quality of living with modern, world class facilities. Their luxury residences are architecturally-designed suites that typically include a private balcony, sitting room, built-in wardrobe, and ensuite - all built with the finest furnishings and fittings.

Outside, there are beautifully landscaped gardens, courtyards and sitting areas where residents and their families can be together and enjoy the outdoors. 


High standards of care

Caring for the elderly is of course the primary focus. And in premium aged care, residents experience the highest standard of care in a comfortable, secure and loving environment. They have access to extensive person-centred services, where support is tailored to each individual’s specific needs, circumstances and wishes.  And this high level of care is provided by highly trained, professional and passionate carers, nurses and other in-house staff.  

To enable a well-rounded approach, residents are also treated with a wide range of activities to enhance social interaction, physical fitness and mental ability. 

Finally, premium aged care facilities use the latest technology to deliver 24-hour monitoring and provide leading-edge health equipment to keep residents feeling healthy and secure. 


World-class amenities

Premium aged care providers aim to deliver a life of comfort and luxury for all its residents. For instance, dining areas are fitted with elegant furniture and decor, linen tablecloths, and stylish silverware. 

Inhouse chefs prepare a wide range of delicious meal choices, which are cooked fresh using only the highest quality ingredients. Menus are carefully designed based on resident preferences, nutritional value, and health requirements. Residents have the option of dining in their own rooms or in the general dining areas. 

Premium aged care also offers facilities like libraries, cinemas, gyms, wellness centres and heated swimming pools. Many even have a boutique cafe onsite where residents and their families can enjoy fresh, premium coffee served with their favourite cake or dessert.


Why brand alignment is crucial to success

To succeed as a premium aged care brand, you need to consider whether your brand’s promise aligns with what customers actually experience. This starts by deeply understanding the needs and wants of your residents, and then making sure your products and services are able to meet those specific expectations. 

Brand perception is defined, not by companies, but by customers. It is based on people's experience when engaging with your brand. In aged care, this is particularly important, because residents and their families want to feel special and cared for - before they even consider paying for the ‘extra services’.

As a premium brand, you should be able to not only meet the needs of your residents, but also consistently deliver on the promise of comfortable and luxurious living across all your aged care facilities.


Choosing your premium coffee solution partner 

It’s important to take the time to properly choose your coffee solution partner. Your coffee partner can help create the premium experience that residents, their families and staff expect from your brand.

At Lavazza, we believe that everyone in aged care – from residents and their families to health professionals and staff – should be able to enjoy a great cup of coffee. This is why we have a coffee solution tailor-made for your facility.

Quality, consistency and experience are also essential when choosing your coffee solution partner. With over 125 years of exceptional service, Lavazza’s 360° offer focuses on training, sustainability, innovation, servicing and customer support, to provide consistently great coffee, every time, 

Want to learn more? Check out our tailored and all encompassing coffee solutions for your premium aged care brand.

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